I work with two kinds of people

The first are those who want to lose weight and become mentally & metabolically fit

 The second are those who want to create what they once thought impossible 

My clients all start their journey by learning the foundational skill of self-coaching.

Self-coaching, or becoming self made, is the truest expression of self-care. It’s a simple, three step process that reveals why you are getting your current results and how to change them. I believe that this simple skill can, and will change our world. It creates a sense of responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions and more importantly teaches us how to become more present, and finally take back control of what we want most.

Self-coaching is an investment into your own personal development that has a compound return. Your life experiences will become more intentional, purposeful, and impactful.

No matter what result you want to create for yourself, whether it’s a new habit or a new career, I will give you the tools to become Self-Made.

ways you can work with me to lose weight & Become Mentally & metabolically fit



Payment plan available

  • 10-week course that includes mental, emotional, and metabolic management to achieve & maintain your weight loss goals
  • Comprehensive workbook to prompt your self-coaching sessions
  • Access to a mentor community to support & strategize with during the intensives
  • A personal advisor to help you make the next best decisions for you
  • Daily tracking & accountability through your app
  • Baseline & follow up assessments to quantify your results and inform decisions
  • Easy to access resources for mental, physical, emotional and metabolic management
  • A community of like-minded and supportive Self-Made cohorts
  • Exclusive discounts on "must-have" products and tools
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WAYS YOU CAN WORK WITH ME TO create thingS you once thought impossible

1:1 COACHING Package


Not For Current Clients

  • (6) One hour sessions sheduled at your convienence
  • Client portal to access session resources & notes
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Mastery Membership

$197 mo

The Best Way To Optimize Your Life & Achieve Any Goal

  • Weekly, live, group coaching via zoom
  • Weekly recorded lesson via your app
  • Accountability & data collection via your app
  • (1) 30 minute 1:1 coaching call PER MONTH
  • 50% off additional 1:1 coaching
  • Access to Stop Overdrinking, Self-Made Money, & Maintenance Made Easy
  • Early bird registration to ReTreat Yourself, annual retreat
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What They're Saying

I just started my 8th week in the program and it has been life changing. I've tried it ALL before. Tracy Pleschourt takes all the puzzle pieces and helps you put them together.

- Kim

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