My husband and I joined the Stop Overeating program because we were intrigued by the education component included. I have a hard time articulating the power of what she teaches because it is so comprehensive and so much more than weight loss. I am losing weight in a manner that I never have before. More importantly I feel better, have more energy and more clarity. My confidence has improved and I have a freedom in my head that has cleared a way for me to move into a new phase of life.. I love sharing the model and my Self-coaching skills to help my family process circumstances in their life. The value of this program goes way beyond weight loss it is life changing on all levels. Tracy is the real deal, everything she creates is comprehensive and she is gentle and accessible. She is simply magical!

- Kate

This program is amazing!! I have learned so much about how our hormones control weight loss. I never thought I could fast, let alone cut out sugar and flour. Tracy does such a great job teaching about all of it and basically holds your hand every step of the way. Don’t miss this awesome program at this amazing price!! Lots of one on one coaching! Message her for details!! Down 13 pounds in four weeks!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

- Rhonda

Self-Made Entrepreneur was the just the platform I needed to start the seed of my business growing. I had the concept and had dabbled with some foundational work yet most of the big, critical pieces needed developing and focus. Tracy’s guidance and the structure of her content helped me work through and fine-tune my next steps. Now instead of feeling overwhelmed, I’m excited and creating my very own program, launching VERY soon!

- Carrie

I have gone thru Tracy's program twice, and have had amazing results, lost 25 lbs! Take a chance - change your life!!!

- RoAnna

For those wondering about this program, don’t wait! Do this for yourself, you won’t regret it! I have learned so much about my body in such a short time! Tracy is there for you the whole way and that support and accountability is priceless! As is the increased energy, mental clarity and weight loss! Just go for it!

- Ann

Tracy was instrumental in helping me take the vision for my business to the next level. She encouraged me to look beyond billable hours and retainers, and to develop a digital platform that allowed me to do what I love, and connect with and serve more clients, without having to revert back to the 60-hour workweeks I endured in the corporate world.

- Chris

I cannot say enough amazing things about Tracy and this program. Like many people I have struggled losing weight. With this program I have learned that weight loss is more about hormonal imbalances rather than calories in calories out. This program provides you with the tools and methods to manage your hormones and that has made all the difference for me. Tracy teaches you the how but also the science behind why it works. There is accountability and support and I can truly say this is a lifestyle that I can maintain for years to come. I’m down 15 lbs and am motivated to see what weight I can achieve. Thank you Tracy Pleschourt!

- Angie

My daughter, Bella and I started Tracy Pleschourt’s Stop Overeating Program in May of 2020. Although we both had different goals, we wanted to complete the program together as we wanted to support each other. This program has been such a blessing in our lives and in our relationship! I have lost 14 lbs and my daughter has lost 10 lbs. and we continue to gain muscle as we love to workout, now that we have the energy! However, those are just numbers regarding our LOSS...we are more impressed with what we have GAINED!! We have gained control over our eating, control over our energy levels, and control over our mood. We used to take a deep breathe and begrudgingly go into our fasting periods but now we look forward to that time! We prefer to be fasting believe it or not! Fasting gives us mental clarity, increased energy and a drive to live a healthier lifestyle that we don’t get when we’re eating three heavy meals a day (plus snacks πŸ€ͺ). Tracy Pleschourt’s program was informative, and easy to follow! Tracy was there every step of the way to guide and support us! We wish you all continued success and we are happy to help support anyone else who needs it as well!!

- Jen & Bella

I am admittedly the girl who has tried every “diet” under the sun since college. I’ve never struggled to lose weight when I set my mind to it...but keeping it off is a whole other story! πŸ™„ I’ve been yo-yo dieting my way through adulthood! 😬😬😬 I decided to join this 6-month program not only for some accountability, but so I can really work on my mindset and shifting the way I think about food. I love food. I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to show people how much I love them with food I make. But I need to figure out how to use food to fuel and nourish my body, not just for pleasure and enjoyment. I don’t want to be an obese adult who can’t enjoy life or who feels terrible because of the food choices she makes. I am 3.5 weeks into my program, and I am amazed by what I am learning. Tracy is an awesome teacher. She is a wealth of knowledge, and she loves the science behind fasting and food for fuel (and I am loving learning the science too). She has developed this program based on her own experience and has had amazing results! The excitement she shows in our success is palpable. She has put together a great coaching program that I think anyone could benefit from, not only for weight loss, but for life! I am thrilled that my husband is on board with me - it was very important that I could do something my whole family could benefit from. When mom is healthy, my whole family is healthier too. I am tired of feeling guilty when I don’t follow a plan perfectly. I am tired of having negative thoughts about my body and weight. I’m tired of getting 3 days into a plan, falling of the wagon, and saying “I’ll start again next week.” Anyone else? πŸ™‹‍♀️ I am positive these 6 months will be a turning point for me in my thoughts and actions. ☺️ I am learning tools to be successful long-term, and I am so excited. I have a ways to go, but very happy that I am already down 10 lbs and feeling so much better than I have in months. Don’t wait to get started.

- Kate

I have worked with Tracy as a Life Coach for a year. The self growth I have made is priceless. I have gone through the Stop Overeating Fast twice and have lost 20 lbs., broke the sugar addiction, and have found a sustainable lifestyle I feel confident to live. Her program is not just a list of what to eat to lose weight. It's about how your thoughts, feeling, create the actions that give you the results you are getting. It's the mind connection, you can use in any areas of your life. Tracy offers a lot of support along the way, building as you go. She educates you. There is a community of support as you go. If you are thinking of doing the program you have so much to gain and nothing to lose. (but weight).😊

- RoAnna

Tracy and her Self-Made Entrepreneur Program has been an absolute gift to me. I was at a pivotal moment in my career where I clearly knew it was time to make a change. I had a deep yearning to take all of my experiences, skills, talents and passions and create a business where I could make a difference. Tracy’s step by step process and incredible guidance gave me the confidence to not only start a business but grow it to levels I never thought possible in such a short amount of time.

- Erin

Tracy has a gift for listening and helping people reach their desired results. Whether it be professional or personal in nature, her focus is for you to succeed. I have worked with Tracy and the thinking process she incorporates truly does drive clarity and action.

- Jill

Being coached by Tracy has changed the way I think about things. I now know that I can create any result for myself by choosing how I think about any given circumstance. Tracy has this amazing ability of helping women figure things out for themselves. Although I hired Tracy to coach me on weight loss, the skills that I have gained can be applied to every area of my life. I never anticipated how my results would have a positive trickle-down effect on my family as well. Dieting is no longer about counting calories, it is all about recognizing that I am in control of my results and being intentional is the key to success.

- Roanna

I started working with Tracy because I knew that managing my mindset was going to be vital to creating a successful business.

What she, as my coach, especially taught me, was that you have be very deliberate about your mind management. Tracy introduced me to a system I could use daily to help me overcome areas where I was struggling, such as doubting my abilities. I now a more confident business owner, because she helped me master the tools I needed to manage my mind.

I loved her calm and confident way in which she presents her ideas and advice, followed by examples from her own life and business where her tools worked for her. Tracy knows what she is doing. She has years of experience in the advertising world and she combines this experience with her natural compassion to help people achieve their dreams. Thank you, Tracy!

- Risa

When I decided to launch my own coaching business I wanted to make sure I set things up for maximum success. Based on Tracy’s success, I knew she was the right coach for me.

Tracy was dedicated to my results and gave me her full attention. If you are looking to start your own purpose driven business, now is the time and Tracy is the right coach for you. Be prepared for two things: to do the real work necessary to start a successful business AND to learn more than you thought you needed. Tracy is THE BEST!

- Maria

Right before I started working with Tracy, I felt frustrated and stuck with my business. I needed to grow my business, but didn’t see how I was going to do it. I had tried so many other ways to grow my business, and heard that this program might be exactly what I needed. My goal for the program was to get 5 new hostesses. The surprising first step was to decrease the time allowed to accomplish my goal. I still remember her saying “You have everything you need to do this right now, why drag it out?” The tools and concepts were huge, I learned how to use the model which kept me focused and gave me a clear plan and concrete steps to execute. This program, the coaching, and accountability helped me to achieve my lofty goal. I am happy, excited, and confident – confident that I can apply what I learned to now achieve any goal. It took 14 years in my business, to land 5 hostesses in such a short amount of time.

- Anne

Before working with Tracy I was really struggling with my career options. I was unhappy in my current role & felt “stuck” because of education limitations and my age. I have always been impressed by Tracy both personally & professionally and knew she was the right coach for me. She is so real, and shares her inspiring way of thinking with everyone. Everyone needs Tracy in their life! Thanks to Tracy and Self-Made Results I feel really proud of all of my accomplishments and have actually realized many AMAZING & EXCITING avenues I have ahead of me. Tracy is patient with her clients and doesn’t give up. She made me realize that it is ok to be honest about our thoughts (even if not positive), and taught me how to reframe everything so that it did not steal my joy or positivity in life. Without having gone through this process of being coached by Tracy, I would not be the happy person I am today. My old thoughts were affecting all aspects of my life, including my personal life & my health. I was depressed, negative, & very unhappy. I was even having cardiac symptoms that were a result of stress. Now I feel all this joy & way less stress. You can’t even put a price tag on what Tracy and this program has done for me. It’s priceless. I consider Tracy my “True North”. She got me re-centered, focused, & back on track. Forever grateful for this experience!

- Stephanie

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