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What does it mean to be self-made?

Creating success through one’s own effort and taking responsibility for your results!

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What they're saying

Tracy's course is life-changing. I have never felt this healthy in my life. I encourage you to check out Self-Made-U. I am a success story of this lifestyle change!

- Sandy

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Her Message is Clear:

You CAN have anything you desire;

a successful career that aligns with your values, thriving relationships, optimal health and more, just by learning how to manage your mind.

Meet Tracy

Founder & She-E-O of Self-Made U

Tracy Pleschourt, the Founder & She-E-O of Self-Made U helps women become self made by creating a career and life they love through life coaching. Tracy has mastered and now teaches the critical skills necessary to manage your mind and overcome any obstacle, including overeating, over drinking, time management, career changes, and starting your own business.

Just a few years ago, Tracy was a successful, advertising executive. Stifled by the rigorous, time-consuming demands of the corporate world, she traded in her 20 years of advertising to pursue her real passion: career and life coaching.

By redirecting her focus and her efforts, Tracy discovered the confidence she needed to create a lucrative lifestyle career that allows her to work from home and raise a happy, healthy family. Today, Tracy mentors women all across the country who want to do the same.

Tracy dedicates her work to ambitious women yearning for answers and seeking a better way to reach the success they desire and deserve. She instills confidence and a call to action that leads to both personal and financial freedom.

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