Overwhelmer vs. Underwhelmer: How to Identify and Overcome These Productivity Mindsets

Overwhelmer vs. Underwhelmer: Tips to Overcome Productivity Mindsets


Does worry, anxiety or lack of motivation stifle your productivity? If so, you're probably feeling overwhelmed, underwhelmed, or both! As a certified life and weight loss coach with over 5 years of experience, I have helped numerous clients achieve their goals and improve their lives in meaningful ways. Through my expertise and guidance, clients have learned to develop healthier habits, manage stress and anxiety, and overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible. I have also helped clients achieve significant weight loss, leading to improved physical health, increased energy, and greater self-confidence. My commitment to ongoing education and professional development means that I am always staying up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in the field. With my extensive experience and proven track record of success, clients can trust that they are in capable hands as they work to achieve their own personal transformation.

Last week we talked about how taking massive action creates magical results as part of our blog series on time and productivity. This week we're talking about two types of people that get in their own way, the overwhelmer and the underwhelmer. As a life coach, I've learned that to get the results you're looking for, you must be able to identify and course-correct the hurdles life throws at us! Learning about these will help you to discover what is getting in your way and why. 


Are You An Overwhelmer?


Overwhelmers are doers. Whether doing dishes, taxes, or attending a neighborhood potluck, they think everything is important. Because of that, they place equal value on everything, which is not an effective use of their time because everything is NOT equally important! Overwhelmers are constantly taking action, but often it’s the wrong kind of action.


Overwhelmers worry that what they’re doing is not good enough or it’s wrong, which leads to feeling anxious, frantic, and exhausted. They think they can keep ALL of the balls in the air. This mismanaged mindset won’t stop until they change the story they’re telling themselves and stop the overwhelm!


Examples of an overwhelmer:


  • My self-worth is defined by how much I get done.
  • The amount of admiration, love, and thanks I get depends on what I do versus what I think of myself.
  • Having a to-do list makes me feel needed and worthy. 


Action Steps for Overwhelmers


If being an overwhelmer prevents you from taking massive action, ask yourself these two questions: First, “how can I get into motion right now?” Second, ask yourself, “what’s the easiest thing I can do?”. Doing this helps you feel less overwhelmed and provides a well-thought-out plan to control worrying and overthinking.  


  • Remember, you cannot feel overwhelmed when you’re taking action, even the smallest actions are the antidote to feeling overwhelmed!


Know that your self-worth is not dictated by what you get done. Your thoughts dictate it! So question your to-do list and rank them by their impact on YOUR quality of life. 


Are You An Underwhelmer?


In contrast, underwhelmers simply “don’t feel like it.” They don’t feel like getting up, planning, exercising, or folding laundry. They procrastinate, which impacts their ability to plan for things like eating healthy, sleeping, and exercising, which results in drop out action. The only things that get done are what they feel like doing at the moment. If this is you, you probably struggle to listen to your thoughts and change gears and you’ve probably turned dropout action into a lifestyle.


Examples of an underwhelmer:


  • I’ll plan my meals for the week when I feel like it.
  • I want to make stir-fry for dinner but my partner wants to order pizza.  Since I don’t feel like cooking, I’ll just order pizza.
  • It’s raining so I’m not going to the gym.


Action Steps for Underwhelmers


Massive action for underwhelmers happens when you replace “feeling like it” with a truth that helps you stop feeling underwhelmed. Whether it’s deciding how you’ll think about yourself in a journal or planning your day, a well-managed mind is the answer! Purposeful thinking shifts you from underwhelm or apathy into feeling in charge, focused, and aware.


  • Listen to your thoughts and discover what they are signaling to learn what motivates you!


You’ve got this! No more reacting to whatever your mind offers up. Managing your mind will take you from “wanting” to lose weight to “actively” losing weight!  If you want to learn more, check out my blog on the secret to managing your mind and creating belief in yourself!


Could You Be Both?


Overwhelmers and underwhelmers share one thing — they get caught in self-defeating behavior and lack of self-compassion. Underwhelmers might think, “what if I don’t feel like it?” whereas overwhelmers might think, “I don’t have time.” Planning “hurts them.” It either robs them of spontaneity or highlights all the choices they have in their brain. I’ve been both, so don’t worry if you’re sitting there thinking, Tracy, depending on the day, I can be BOTH. I want to teach you what I’ve done to escape these mindsets. I’m not perfect, but I am a master at catching myself when I am!


  • Tracy’s Tip to Massive Action: Be intentional about setting up your day!


It’s been a superpower of my weight loss, business growth, and personal balance. A solid morning routine sets the tone for your day. NEWSFLASH - you don’t need to feel like it every day! Feeling like it doesn’t come naturally to our brain. Our brains avoid anything new, challenging, or risky. Have you ever overate at dinner because you were afraid you’d get hungry at 9 pm? Your brain thinks stopping at enough is “risky,” but you can learn to stop at enough. Good news! You have the conscious, reasoning part of the brain that can spot sabotaging thoughts from a mile away. 


Being underwhelmed or overwhelmed isn’t useful to you. You can manage your mind during those moments and do your best work in a way you enjoy!




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