Massive Action vs. Drop Out Action

Massive Action vs. Drop Out Action


Are you looking to make achieving your goals an easy and enjoyable experience? Then you’re in the right place! This week we’re discussing massive action versus dropout action as part of our four-part series on time and productivity. Whether working on weight loss or stress management, taking massive action is the difference between success and failure. I see it all the time in my life coaching.  Massive action is where magic happens and here’s how it can help you achieve your goals!


What is Massive Action?


When you drive to the grocery store and hit multiple red lights on the way, do you turn around and go home? You don’t because you know that red lights are part of the process. It’s the same when you practice massive action! Massive action is taking action until you get the result you want! 


You will encounter obstacles, and how you deal with them determines whether you take massive action. Massive action is not giving up after ONE time. Troubleshoot and change it up until you get the result you want! Obstacles are an opportunity to fail and try again.


Achieving your goals isn’t about how much you do or how HARD the goal is. It’s how WILLING you are to do it and work on it! 


Creating vs. Consumption


Weight loss only happens when you take action. When you intermittent fast, you create action, whereas reading articles and watching videos about IR is consumption.  As soon as you stop, your progress ends. The goal is to catch yourself NOT taking action as much as possible. In these moments, you can determine easy and quick ways to get back into challenging action that’s NOT defeating. I’ve seen it with my life coaching clients and myself, we quit when we make things more complicated than they need to be.


What is Drop Out Action?


Thinking about eating less is not the same as eating less! Drop out action won’t get you the results you want! You can read and watch everything you can get your hands on to learn something, but thinking is not doing! Watching what others are doing and overly focusing on what’s wrong or why you can’t do it is drop out action. 


What’s the Difference Between Massive & Drop Out Action?


Massive action means you don’t quit until you achieve what you set out to do. Taking massive action is about figuring out how to stay in action and being WILLING to do it.  Drop out action is passive behavior that doesn’t produce a result.  When you develop the habit of intentional action that is deliberate and repeatable, you convert drop out action into massive action! 


Massive action is:

  • Focusing on making the next 7, 24-hour food plans.
  • Including massive action as part of your One Hour Monday routin.e
  • Focusing on what’s in front of you and making it as doable and straightforward as possible.
  • Challenging yourself to do something different, even if that means doing something you usually would think isn’t good enough. 


Drop out action is:

  •  Saying I’ll make a plan every day from now on because otherwise, I can’t lose weight. 
  • Knowing the 4 basics and Self-Made U concepts and not acting because you’re stuck in drop out action.
  • Thinking you’re incapable of finishing and don’t break through your mental blocks.


Warning Signs that Massive Action is Needed


Once you know what you want to achieve, be on the look-out for these warning signs that will try to pull you into drop out action:


  • You constantly think about losing weight and how badly you want it.
  • You berate yourself for not doing anything about it.
  • You don’t encourage yourself to start with something small and start it today.
  • You’re focusing on excuses and blame rather than solutions to what you could do.  
  • You listen to SMU lessons worrying they won’t work, so you skip the worksheets and hope that listening is enough.


When you find yourself doing this, take massive action and remind yourself that any action counts.  Don’t let yourself miss out on the progress you’ve made!  If you struggle with being too hard on yourself, check out our blog on how to stop self-blaming.


What is the cause of drop out action?


Four things can cause drop out action: 


✘ Overthinking

✘ Perfectionism

✘ Worry

✘ Feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what to do


These four things can make you feel stuck, so remember that you always know what to do when this happens. For example, put the fork down the second you notice you're overeating. You know there's a way out by replacing an obstacle with a plan! A plan with a quarter pounder and small fries is better than eating a quarter pounder and LARGE fries. Research shows that plan-making helps people remember their goals at appropriate times.


A massive action plan with strategies and perseverance for overcoming challenges creates results! 


What Are Your WHY’S?


It’s hard to take massive action when you don’t know why you want to lose weight. Think about the things you want for yourself. Is it being able to walk upstairs with ease, feeling in control at a restaurant, the ability to play with your kids, or taking your fur baby for a long walk? You can also list the things you DON’T want, like no longer needing blood pressure medication, struggling with pregnancy weight, or worrying about how your kids see you cope with food. 


I invite you to find a goal to take massive action with and do a thought download for 30 days. Will you struggle at times? Probably, but not every day. Massive action means you choose to try again, show up for yourself, and know that it’s okay if you fail. Knowing your whys is essential and will be helpful in our next lesson!




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