How to Believe in Yourself


I know better than most that changing any result in life starts with choosing the right thoughts. But choosing the right thoughts is the easy part.

The not so easy part is BELIEVING those thoughts. 

I do mindset work everyday. Yes! EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Why do I spend so much time in my own thoughts? Because in order to make those thoughts work for you, you have to believe them and in order to believe them, your brain wants evidence or proof. So I spend time strategically creating the proof that my brain needs to formulate belief. 

No matter what result I want to achieve, earning more money, controlling alcohol, losing weight, managing my time, treating my family with kindness…

I have to believe that I am capable of creating those results BY creating proof.

So, as I make small but compoundable steps in the right direction, I journal the progress, review how it felt and set my intentions to continue to create more evidence the next day. 

That my friend, is the secret to managing your mind and creating belief in yourself.

Commit to creating the evidence every damn day and shine a spotlight on it by journaling how it felt and how you plan to compound it the next day.

I’ve committed to posting the evidence that I have created for myself each and every day over the next 30 days. If you want to see just how easy it is create proof – join me in the SheSuite, my free, private facebook group for SHE-E-O’s.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to think like a SHE-E-O!