Your Path to Unconditional Self ❤️

Your Path to Unconditional Self Love 


Do you beat yourself up after making a mistake? Do you want to be kinder to yourself? Self-love is more than just a feeling. It's how you think about yourself and how you show up for yourself. Practicing self-love makes everything from weight loss to income generation easier. We'll help you discover why you're so hard on yourself and equip you with strategies for cultivating unconditional self-love! 


Why Are We So Hard on Ourselves?


Our self-love or self-loath habits are handed down to us. Many of us unconsciously do this by punishing ourselves with food. If, as a child, you were frequently ignored, talked down to, blamed, or physically punished, you'll somehow do the same to yourself with your inner dialogue. So "beating yourself up" is just following your brain's orders and how it was trained. Fast forward to adulthood, and you're still treating yourself the same way! 


Now it's time to untrain your brain by parenting yourself to be the self-made person that little girl always deserved to be and here's how.


Step 1: Find Your Old Primitive Thoughts


It's not your weight, past, or anything else you think is wrong about you. It's your thoughts! Our old, primitive thoughts are what determine how we see ourselves.


Start listening to your thoughts and then write them down. Paying attention to your thoughts is great, but writing them down is the key to change because your brain has the chance to be objective. Only write your thought downloads on the days you want to love yourself. This is how you break old, primitive thought habits.  


Step 2: Examine What You Wrote


I want you to be the scientist of your brain, not the judge of it. A scientist learns by gathering and analyzing data without judgment. Whether it's a goal, a to-do list, or a conflict, your thoughts have no power over you, and the better you study them, the more relief you will get in your life.


Step 3: Go to Bat For YOU


The best path to self-love is to change your conversation with yourself one primitive thought at a time! Making slight changes will snowball into new thought programming.  


Simply take a thought and ask yourself, what else could be true about me? You can also use your daily planner and fill in the model with what you could be thinking instead. 


The goal is to start showing your brain other options to prevent old programming from creeping in. 


Step 4: Put Your Insights Into Action


No more living your life in the bullying cycle. It's time to show up and act like the new person that you are! Decide how you will love and accept yourself and start thinking, speaking, and behaving like her.


Make an action plan by writing down how you will go to bat for your new self. Be ready to combat thoughts of brokenness, self-blame, and dependency on emotions and substances.

Your Feelings & Emotions Playbook

You know your value, have a plan, and are ready to be the new you, but what happens when challenges are thrown your way? We’ve got you! Here are ways we've helped our members replace and recover from the spiral of negative thoughts and feelings.


I Ate 'Off-Plan,' Now What?


You went off plan, and in comes the negative self-talk!  When this happens, the disappointment is a warning that you are harming your body and ignoring your dreams. If you don't acknowledge the disappointment, you don't have a trigger to examine why you are overeating in the first place. 


➞ The goal is to understand your emotions and why they are there and then get good at feeling them. A huge part of loving yourself means you let yourself feel ALL the feels.


Why Am I Avoiding My Feelings?


A feeling is the physical expression of the things you think. And each feeling has a life cycle of about 90 seconds. But like all humans, we don't want to wait that long for them to end. Instead, we judge them, think they'll never end, are too hard to feel, or we're stupid for having them. 


Are you thinking, "So you're telling me that all these years I've spent avoiding my feelings, it's to avoid physical reactions?" 


Yes. That is precisely what I am telling you. Feelings are only physical experiences of thoughts that you can coach yourself through.


How To Spot & Fix Your Primitive Thoughts


Drop the judgments you have about not being able to feel feelings. Having negative emotions just means you need to work on your thinking because feelings aren't caused by people, society, your weight, or events happening around you. 


Go to bat for yourself by remembering you need practice and to examine the emotions you feel most often.


What Do Negative Emotions Mean?


Inevitably, you will have thoughts and emotions that don't align with the new you. Be assured that you are the creator of your thoughts and emotions! Negative feelings alert you to examine what's happening in your head, take charge, and choose a different thought or feeling! Over time, it will get easier to identify negative thoughts that were taught or handed down to you and decide whether to keep them or let them go! 


Help Me Feel and Not Numb Out


You know what feelings are and why they are important, but you're still unsure how to feel them. Using the NOW process is the best way to get good at feeling everything. 


First, notice what you are feeling. Put a name to it. You don't have to get it right, but it's good practice to start putting words to your feelings. 


Next, open yourself up to feeling the emotion instead of eating, reacting, or distracting. Name the feeling and sit for a minute before doing anything. As a life coach, I've learned that one of the most loving things I can do for myself is to feel my emotions because I can't change what I can't feel. 


After you've paused, it's time to witness the feeling in your body for 90 seconds. Doing this gives your conscious, prodigy brain time to catch up to what's happening in your primitive brain. Your conscious brain is the rational part that can make sense of why you feel the way you do.



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