Hacking Life After 50: A Conversation with Mark Barnes

In this podcast episode, Tracy interviews Mark Barnes, a lifetime educator and author of the book "Hacking Life After 50". Mark shares his journey towards living a long and healthy life after turning 50, which was a turning point for him. He talks about his motivation to see his kids grow up and avoid the decline he witnessed in his elderly parents. Mark emphasizes the importance of making incremental changes that ultimately lead to significant lifestyle improvements. He mentions that the key to his approach is not just physical health but also mental and emotional well-being. Contact Mark at after50slife.com Join our next Masterclass, where you will learn an operating system that creates SELF control fast. This critical curriculum is long overdue for most people, as formal education systems fail to teach these life skills. The SELF control operating system has unlimited applications and mind-blowing effects. Check out which specific area of life we will be applying the system to and register at www.Self-MadeU.com. This program will be the best $27 investment you'll ever make. Today is the day you stop thinking of yourself as the problem and believe in your SELF as the sustainable solution. Use coupon code BFF for 50% off!