From Pediatrician to Life Coach: Dr. Sheila Carroll's Transformational Story

In this episode, the speakers emphasize the significance of learning how to think in a way that supports desired outcomes. They point out that many medical professionals and teachers are not equipped with the necessary tools to think critically, which can hinder their ability to achieve the desired results for their clients or students. The speakers also discuss how people are often taught what to think rather than how to think, and how extreme thinking and feeling can prevent individuals from achieving their goals. The solution, according to the speakers, is to learn how to think in a way that supports the desired results. They suggest that life coaching can provide individuals with the skills to be mentally flexible and to think about their thinking, which can lead to extraordinary results and the ability to create the feelings that drive actions. Ultimately, the speakers argue that understanding where one's power and empowerment lie and taking responsibility for one's thoughts, feelings, and actions is key to becoming self-made and achieving desired results. The guest speaker, a doctor, shares her experience of incorporating life coaching into her practice, which has been a game changer for helping patients achieve their goals. She explains that doctors are often focused on taking action and providing instructions without addressing the underlying mindset or motivation needed to follow through with those instructions. Life coaching provides the missing piece by helping patients address their mindset and motivation. However, doctors may not have the time or knowledge to provide life coaching themselves, which is where external life coaches can come in. The guest speaker also highlights that many people, including doctors, may not even be aware of what life coaching is or that it is a possibility. Overall, incorporating life coaching into medical practice can help patients achieve their goals by addressing the mindset and motivation needed to follow through with instructions. The guest speaker, Sheila Carol, introduces the model of deciding how to feel and then working backwards to identify the necessary thoughts, which can be life-changing. She explains that this is a skill that can be developed through life coaching and it allows individuals to be mentally flexible and think about their thinking. By understanding where their power and empowerment lies, individuals can take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, and actions. This model can be applied to various aspects of life, including parenting, and can help individuals achieve the results they desire. Sheila Carol emphasizes that this model has been a freeing tool for her and has transformed her life. Overall, the episode highlights the importance of learning how to think in a way that supports the desired results and understanding the root cause of problems at the level of the mind. Connect with Dr. Sheila Carroll at Connect with Self-Made U at Join our 3-day event, Mind Over Matter, where you will learn an operating system that creates SELF control fast. This critical curriculum is long overdue for most people, as formal education systems fail to teach these life skills. The SELF control operating system has unlimited applications and mind-blowing effects. Register now to gain immediate access to the recordings of the live event. This program will be the best $27 investment you'll ever make. Today is the day you stop thinking of yourself as the problem and believe in your SELF as the sustainable solution.