Align Your Body, Mind & Spirit with Jennifer Pilates !

After a traumatic car accident, Jennifer Pilates embarks on a journey of rehabilitation and personal transformation, determined to help others find alignment and peace in their bodies, minds and spirits. Here's what Jennifer Pilates and I cover: 1. How did Jennifer Pilates turn a traumatic car accident into an opportunity to become a holistic health practitioner? 2. What practices does Jennifer Pilates use to stay grounded, centered and in the flow? 3. What insight does Jennifer Pilates have on the importance of trust in rebuilding the connection between the body, mind and spirit? Jennifer Pilates is a celebrity empowerment mindset coach and trainer, author, and host of the top rated podcast Empowered Within. For over 20 years, she has been transforming clients body, mind, and spirits worldwide. Resources: 🌐Connect w/ Jennifer: 🚨Exclusive Pilates 8-week Program: Get $10 off by using Promocode: TracyPleschourt100 Connect with me: Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Loved this episode? Leave us a review and rating here: 🚨Take the Mind Over Matter course to learn how to finally operate with Self-Control to solve all of your problems and achieve all of your goals. Use the coupon code SECRETS for 50% off and get the entire program for $13.50.