Forgiveness through divorce in MN and beyond - Doing Divorce Different

Tracy was a guest on Doing Divorce Different (hosted by Lesa Koski) to discuss the importance of forgiveness. Tracy walks us through the Four N’s of forgiveness and how to work through each step. Holding on to resentment can cause a lot of turmoil in life, affecting your friendships and relationships. Forgiving someone doesn't mean that the person is correct; it just means that you are letting go of the emotions impacting your life and setting yourself free. Tune in today to learn how to find thankfulness and positive intentions out of the things in life that feel heavy. In this episode: [2:40] Lesa’s story of what she needs to forgive from her teenage years. [5:53] Lesa and Tracy walk through the Four N’s to work through forgiveness. [16:00] How to write a letter of forgiveness. [17:05] Why are the Four N’s necessary? [19:05] Next month's topic: Worthiness. Key Takeaways: Your brain is either your worst enemy or your best friend. It will either work for us or against us. Quiet down the negative thoughts and turn up the strength within us. Forgiveness is a gift that you are giving yourself. There is much that can be learned from these situations and why forgiveness is needed. Find the things you can be thankful for, and make forgiveness about the lessons learned. When people avoid forgiveness, they will hold on to the situations causing a grudge or grief, which will continue to impact their life. Quotes: “It doesn't excuse what somebody did, you understand what happened, and you are moving forward. It doesn't mean that you don’t feel bad again or you don't have thoughts pop up that hurt you. Still, when old stories pop up, you let yourself know you are safe.” - Tracy Pleschourt “Part of neutralizing it was to have empathy for her and to think maybe what she went through, I can’t know exactly.” - Lesa Koski Check out and subscribe to Doing Divorce Different Podcast at