SMU BUZZ - Fit Girl Magic

Tracy was a recent guest on the Fit Girl Magic podcast with Kim Barnes Jefferson. You can hear the entire episode  HERE

So many of us overeat which then leads to SHAME! It is a constant cycle that can be sohard to stop. I have been there, and Tracy has beenthere as well.We feel all the feels,ladies... The shame and lack of control. But itwasn't until Tracy understood that herbrain was being mismanaged, which was what was ultimately creating those overeats.This is why she invests so much time and energy into people managing their brain, andawareness of how you are actually getting theresult (overeating) in the first place!Thought, makes you feel desire, and that desire gives you the urge, the urge is to goface down in the plate of cookies, and that creates an experience of overeating.Instead,what we want to learn is to not be reactive, we want to learn how to respond instead. Listen in at The Fit Girl Magic Podcast episode 174