The Halloween Detox

An interesting article published by Spencer Brooks talks about what to do when you've had too much sugar.  There are very real symptoms including fatigue, exaggerated cravings, low blood sugar, mood swings, and headaches that can keep you from living your best day following a sugar binge. 

Just last week, our masters took a look at their overeating and binging patterns and worked on neutralizing them to eliminate unnecessary drama. We are all about the facts when we are deciding on the next best step. And one fact I know for sure is binges happen. 

So, what to do following a sugar binge:

  • Do not make matters worse by planning to fast the next day. Cravings will be magnified and make fasting more difficult. Instead commit to a 1 -2 meals with no snacking
  • Drink extra water to help with fatigue and headaches
  • Stabalize your blood sugar by eating more healthy fats
  • Eat low carb vegetables and healthy proteins like grass fed beef and eggs
  • Sugar causes inflammation so get your body healing with a nice walk or a infrared sauna session 
  • Remind yourself that you are human having a human experience. Nothing has gone wrong, all we need to do is make a decision on the next best step to get us back on protocol. 

Sugar is a substance that I don't recommend including in your protocols on a regular basis. It has negative effects physically, mentally, emotionally, and metabolically but that doesn't mean you have to completely eliminate it. I would plan for it when you want it and make sure you like your reasons. Staying mindful of the effects will help affirm your reasons for limiting it in your day to day protocols. 

I look forward to talking about how to handle the holidays for the next 60 days to make this an enjoyable, well managed season!