Maintenance & How To Master It


You've had this weight loss mission for so long and are unsure how or when to step into a maintenance mindset. It can be scary to let go of the drive, determination and focus around losing weight. 

Just like your weight loss took time to master, the same will happen with maintenance.  Asking yourself some good questions and CREATING a maintenance mindset and learning to trust that you'll never gain your weight back is the bottom line.

What Is A Good Goal Weight?

Can you relate to these thoughts?  I’ve lost weight, but should I keep losing?  I thought it would feel different after I lost weight.  Do I have to hit my goal weight to be a success?  Here are some key questions to help you and remember, no matter what number you choose, it won’t determine whether you like your life or yourself!

➞  How do you want to live, eat, feel, and move each day?

➞  When’s the last time you considered your likes over the opinion of others and society?

➞  Can you eat foods you love that fuel you?

➞  The best question of all is…what is the goal LIFE you want? 

Choosing a number can be confusing.  Google “goal weight,” and you’ll find endless charts that give you all kinds of numbers from easy to the impossible.  Think about the feelings you hope your goal number will give you, and don’t push yourself into a weight you don’t want to live the lifestyle to maintain.  Work on your mindset to pick a number you feel good about when it’s time to hang up dieting and start maintaining.   

➳ Pro Tip:  Many people find success using a goal weight ‘range’.  That way, when the scale goes up or down, as it will,  you won’t feel out of control.

What’s Different About Maintenance?

The first thing that must happen in maintenance is building the belief that you can do it because the only true thing is what you decide to believe!  You can learn to override whims, emotional eating, and eating to people, please.  To believe something new, you need three things to happen.  First, believe maintaining your weight is possible.  Second, put your trust in your processes.  And third, you must believe in yourself!  You’ve lost weight because you’re showing up and doing the work, here are some helpful tips for maintaining it:

  1.  Keep doing the basics of what got you to your goal. Solving the mind math, Eating foods that fuel you, Learning to collect data to make your decisions from and Fasting remain the keys to successful maintenance.  
  2.  If you already move your body, awesome. Keep it up! If you don’t, one thing that can help keep your weight off is adding in exercise that you like. 
  3.  Surround yourself with support and other people like your fellow students that live like you.  This will help you stay motivated and feel like part of something that reflects who you want to be.
  4.   You used ‘whys’ to lose weight. Now it’s time to have ‘whys’ for keeping the weight off. 
  5.   Each time you live like someone in maintenance, recognize yourself for it.  Celebrating your success is the key to believing you have changed!

Final Thoughts

You’ve given yourself a gift by losing weight, so spend some time being grateful to yourself and remember this is indeed the new YOU. Your weight is not your source of happiness. Your thoughts about yourself, your body, your life, and food dictate your emotional life, so trust yourself and know that you’ll never gain your weight back.


If you want to learn more about losing weight, I invite you to a free complimentary call where we will determine the next steps that will serve you best.