How to Create Your Most Successful Year


These last two weeks have been monumental for me. Why? Because I started planning for 2019 and built the plan to start immediately.

Why is that so monumental? Well the old Tracy would have waited until the calendar turned to take action but I now know better.

I now know that having the right mindset creates actions that can’t wait!

Here’s how I do it.

My planning starts with a look back. I cash in on the lessons learned from my many FAILS (spotlight your fails – you get to learn from them) and celebrate any WINS (again)!

I then look ahead and I DREAM BIG! I ask myself “If I could create absolutely anything, what would it be”? Once I’ve got that list I then ask myself why I want to create it, if my answer is compelling enough, it makes the “official list”.

Now I do this for my professional life AND my personal life so my list is long (don’t judge – I’m in my happy place when I’m planning).

From there I determine what kind of resources or skills I need to achieve each goal so I can better understand the reality of said goal. This is important because if you have a goal that requires a lot of skills and resources that you don’t currently have you may need to break that goal down into smaller steps and a longer timeline.

I learned this the hard way – Two years ago, I had a goal of generating 100K of revenue through my coaching business but I didn’t realize the kind of marketing, production, and delivery that would ACTUALLY be necessary to achieve it. Needless to say I learned alot from that failed attempt and it’s actually debuting as the #1 goal on the 2019 plan! (This time – I’m prepared and ready).

Now, here’s the fun part.. Creating a vision for what my life will look like once that goal is achieved. I do a creative writing exercise (aka journaling) and let myself dream. I try to get as specific as possible, explaining every little nuance from what I see, feel, and do. This vision is so detailed that it feels real and allows me to live out my future experiences NOW. It’s so cool!

Next I decide what my top 3 goals are and what the necessary steps are to creating them. From there I assign the steps into quarters and make sure everything is accounted for.

Now you may think that is a great plan (which it is) but I don’t stop there. It is critical to review your work on (at least) a quarterly basis so you have time to make necessary adjustments, celebrate your win’s and prepare for the next mind blowing 90 days.

There you have it! The best way I have found to create my most successful year!

It’s simple, doable and yields SUCCESS!

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