Here's How I Do It!


I’m Tracy Pleschourt the founder and SHE-E-O of SheStyle, a life coaching company that specializes in helping women start their own businesses by utilizing TWO simple tools. 

TOOL #1 has a price tag attached. This is my 90 day Career by Design program that takes you from NO business idea to your first client in 90 days. 

Career By Design holds your hand through an audit of your skills and passions, market research to make sure your idea is viable and can be monetized to a strategic marketing plan that leads to getting your first client in 90 days.

TOOL #2 is an equally important tool BUT it’s totally FREE. This is a tool, that I call the model which teaches you how to coach yourself.

So although I highly recommend it, not everyone wants to invest in a life coach BUT they WANT and NEED a way to feel different and get different results than they are currently getting in their life.

Learning how to use the model is so life changing that I now feel like it’s my moral obligation to offer every woman a life better than she has now – simply through learning how to self coach.

Now, although one tool costs money and the other does not, they are both an investment.

Before taking me up on either offer you need to commit to investing in yourself.  I am here to tell you – there is NOTHING, no time better spent, no car, no vacation, no wardrobe, that is more worth investing in over YOU. 

If you want help getting different results in your life, I want to invite you into the SheSuite, This is a FREE, private fb community where we learn to manage our minds and self coach.

Once you learn how to use the model, you can apply it to any circumstance like how to navigate the hurdles of starting your own business or anything you want to change in your life like overeating, over drinking, under-earning, relationship and career issues.

I look forward to seeing you in the SheSuite where I will share how my life has changed and continues to change through learning how to self coach and I’ll teach you how to do the same.