Can Prioritizing SELF Be the Antidote to People Pleasing?

Unlocking Authenticity: How the Self-Made Day Planner Transforms People Pleasing into Purposeful, Selfish Living

Being labeled as 'selfish' has often been viewed negatively. But, what if putting yourself first was the solution to escaping the incessant urge to appease others? Through the insights of Self-Made U and the game-changing Self-Made Day Planner available on Amazon, we embark on a transformative exploration of the 'self' and its paramount significance.

The Power of SELF in Daily Practice
Every day brims with countless choices and challenges. Recognizing these daily intricacies and using them to teach, practice, and master self-prioritization can manifest incredibly valuable outcomes. The Self-Made Day Planner is more than just a tool; it's a guide that amplifies the practice of decision-making, which, as championed by Self-Made U, is our weapon against feelings of frustration, confusion, and overwhelm.

The Core Teachings of Self-Made U & The Self-Made Day Planner
Self-Made U isn't merely an institution; it's a revolution that teaches people the art of becoming 'Self-Made.' Central to this journey is the Self-Made Day Planner. This planner isn't just about jotting down tasks—it's about introspection, understanding desires, leveraging one's strengths, and marking those small, yet potent steps towards one's dreams.

Unlocking the Benefits of a SELF-MADE Day with the Planner:

  • Transformative Thinking: The Planner teaches you to think differently about yourself and your day. Say goodbye to reactive thoughts and welcome a new era of creative, future-forward thinking.

  • Love for the Day: Using the planner ensures you not only plan your day but live it to the fullest, filled with joy and purpose.

  • Understanding & Clarity: Dive deep into understanding yourself and the world around you, ensuring you focus on the right problems.

  • Emphasized Decision Making: You'll be equipped to make decisions emphasizing the feelings you genuinely wish to cultivate.

  • Power & Control: The planner offers a structured way to control commitments, eliminating self-sabotage and streamlining decisions.

  • Incremental Growth: The tool underlines the power of compounded, incremental steps and helps track and assess your growth over time.

  • Sustainable Evolution: Foster sustainable change with applied learning and revisit past entries to see your transformative journey.

  • Goal Setting & Vision Building: Set highly personalized goals and nurture your imaginative prowess, visualizing and connecting with your future self.

  • Past vs. Future Self: Encourage decisions inspired by your future self, reducing the undue influence of past experiences.

  • Mental Fortitude & Focus: The consistent use of the planner bolsters mental strength and simplifies focus, eliminating writer's block and removing the intimidation often associated with journaling.

With the teachings of Self-Made U and the tangible guidance of the Self-Made Day Planner, the term 'selfish' gets a much-needed rebranding. Prioritizing oneself isn't just a personal advantage; it's about syncing with our authentic core, ensuring that our actions and decisions resonate with our genuine selves. Embracing this philosophy not only curtails people-pleasing tendencies but paves the path for a life rich with authenticity, intent, and exponential growth. If you want step by step instructions on how to use the Self-Made Day Planner, and a free weeks worth of worksheets, join our free, Plan Your Perfect Day Masterclass. Register at