Allow Me to Introduce Myself!


I am Tracy Pleschourt, the Founder & SHE-E-O of my lifestyle business, SheStyle. This is my blog, where I will share what lights ME up in the hope that WE find something in common. Think of this space as the party place on my website. “Business in the front – party in the back.”

We’ll talk about things like Faith, Fitness & Fashion, and of course how we can be the best SHE-E-O of our life and business.

My FAITH is huge, and absolutely underscores who I am and what I stand for. Not only from a spiritual place, but from a confidence perspective. I have an unshakable trust in people and the impact they can make in this world. I want to be among the game changers – the people who live with intention to love, serve others and lead by example. Faith is the secret weapon of every She-E-O in overcoming her fears. Live in Faith or Live in Fear …that’s my motto.

FITNESS is a ‘must have’ in my book. I think of fitness as the proper conditioning of your mind and body. Admittedly, my fitness levels fluctuate and can vary based on my response to the ugly number I see on a scale, or feel after too much of any good (insert chocolate-coated) thing. Like most people, (have we found anything in common yet?) I strive to be proactive with my level of fitness by making it a “non-negotiable” (my trainer is smiling right now). My current obsession is XaBeat, a group fitness dance class/party. I fell so hard for this craze that I became an “inspirator” (Xabeat lingo for instructor) last year and now “inspire” two classes a week. More on XaBeat in future blogs.

And then there’s FASHION. It’s funny how fashion can be so underestimated. This was certainly true for me a few years ago. Fashion really had no place in my life as it simply consisted of a few cherry-picked pieces hung in my closet, purchased to perform at a corporate level. You may know my career story, but in a nutshell, I had no time to care about fashion, faith or fitness as I was busy climbing the corporate ladder. Today, fashion has become a huge part of my life because when I made the decision to leave corporate America to spend more time at home, I needed a way to make ends meet – FROM HOME.

Cabi was a familiar business model to me as I had purchased my corporate wardrobe from a cabi stylist, who helped me look and feel my best for years. And although fashion was never a passion of mine, I realized I could apply my business expertise to my own Cabi business, create my own work schedule and earn a significant income, all while in the company of some extraordinary women. In all honesty, the fashion part is still a challenge, but what business doesn’t have it’s learning curves? Cabi has provided financial, and social resources that afforded and fueled me to create SheStyle.

SheStyle was birthed from the desire to share my revelation that women CAN have it ALL. For every woman I meet that is fulfilled and living the life of her dreams, I meet another who is suffering from the same feelings of guilt, confusion and unworthiness that I felt while caught up in the corporate grind. My life has dramatically changed for the better, but not without a lot of trial and error, bumps and bruises. Through SheStyle, I mentor women with a strong desire for change and fast track them through the process I took to achieve my ideal life. Together, we create a transition plan. Sometimes the changes are in lifestyle, often they are career-orientated. The real magic happens when the change is harmonious, and a career that is supported by a well-orchestrated lifestyle is revealed and a She-E-O is born. (She-E-O: The title reserved for high performing women, responsible for the successful operation and management of their lifestyle career).

I love what I do. I love helping women recognize and achieve their potential and purpose. The results are real. If you are struggling with your next steps, let’s talk.

So there you have it, the objects of my affection at the moment. If you read this far, we must have something in common and I think we should be friends!