3 Simple Steps to Creating Your Results

Creating results Success self made coaching

Here are the 3 simple steps to creating them for yourself:

 Take responsibility for your results
 Learn to self coach
 Be willing to feel any emotion

Here’s the bottom line – Your results are the effect of your thinking, your feelings, and your actions IN THAT ORDER and you have to understand the nuances of self coaching to create your self made results.

Let’s break this down:

Step 1 – Take responsibility for your results –
If you are not getting the results you want from your business or your life –

Hear me when I say – It’s ALL your fault –

And that is the best news I can give you because you my friend are in control!

Your results are the effect of how you’ve been thinking, how you’ve been feeling and what you’ve been doing and it’s a simple choice that can be changed in a nano second.

Step 2 – Learn to self coach –

What is self coaching? I believe It’s the truest expression of self-care. 

It is the foundation to getting any results you want from your life. It’s a process of discovering who you are, what you want and offers a pragmatic framework to achieving those results.

Who is self coaching for?
It’s for everyone who aspires for more. If you don’t, I guess it’s not for you.
I find it Especially useful in times of confusion, worry, overwhelm.
Check out my Self Made Results course that will show you how easy it is to self coach yourself and get ANY result you desire.

Step 3 – Be willing to feel any emotion.

Ask yourself what is the worse case scenario of any action?

I promise you it boils down to what you feel. I can also promise you that there is NO emotion that can kill you.
Being willing to feel any emotion is another skill we strengthen in the Self Made Results course.
Learning this one skill will open your eyes more results than you ever imagined for yourself.

I talk about all of this and more during a recent event I was spoke at. Here’s a link to the recording.