Think, Feel, and Act From Your Future Self

Life coaching advice for thinking, feeling, and acting future self

Here are the 3 simple steps to becoming your FUTURE SELF –

 Recognizing your limiting beliefs & letting them go
 Replacing them with beliefs that serve your dreams.
 Focusing on the road ahead and getting excited about creating a different future that doesn’t exist based on your past

Here’s the bottom line – You must believe something that you don’t currently believe.

Let’s break this down:

Step 1 – Recognizing limiting beliefs –

Being past focused can be limiting. I used to personally have thoughts that sounded like this: I just love drinking more than other people. I have a harder time losing weight than others. I’m not as smart as people who make millions of dollars.

As long as I had these beliefs, I was unable to change. I just kept drinking, overeating, and under-earning. This was a terrible cycle because it just kept proving my beliefs true. The more I believed them, the more evidence I had for them, and the more I believed them. When I started realizing these were just thoughts, just sentences in my mind, I realized I could change them.

A lot of us spend time wishing it were different – and that my friend is wasting energy that could be directed toward fulfilling your dreams for the future. The past is over and the future is ours to decide what we want to create.

Step 2 – Replace old beliefs with new ones –

Some great questions to ask yourself are what am I an example of? What are you representing? What matters to you?

I only work with women who want to start, grow and scale PURPOSE driven businesses because I know that they have a why bigger than them.

I am an example of what being self made looks like and teach other women exactly how to do that.

What are you an example of.. if the answer doesn’t come to mind immediately, it’s ok.. take time to ponder it but don’t skip this.. this is a propeller factor for your business and a source of inspiration to your audience.

Step 3 – Check out my Self Made Results course that will show you how easy it is to self coach yourself and focus on your exciting road ahead, the one that DOES NOT exist based on your past.