Navigating The Roadblocks to Action

Why - it’s what drives everything we do, especially our emotional reactions to our thoughts.  How often do you ask yourself, why do I feel stressed?  Why did I overeat?  Why did I buy that?  The answer to these questions is the foundational reason that we get the results we get!  In honor of my birthday this month, I’m gifting you a month dedicated to learning why you have roadblocks to action and how to navigate them.  

Step 1 - Assess your current location 

Working towards your goal gives you the power to transform your life.  To ensure your success, let’s do a quick goal review and inventory how you’re doing with the goal you made six months ago.

➞  How is your commitment level?

➞  Are you collecting data/stats and do they support the progress towards your goal?

➞  What have you learned so far?

➞  Is the reason why you set your goal compelling enough?

Like most people, are you focusing on the vow to achieve the goal instead of the actions? To understand why you might not be committed, you have to look at the actions you are or aren't taking. What are you doing? What aren’t you doing? Are you incoroporating the 4 basics to transformation? 

S - Solving the mind math

E - Eating foods that fuel you

L - Learning to collect data to make decisions from 

F - Fasting to balance out your insulin 


Be Aware of Potential Roadblocks

Here are eight roadblocks that can be navigated by learning to solve the mind math. The awareness of these roadblocks might be the light-bulb moment you've needed to push you through when things get tough. 

#1  Your goal is too important or not important enough: make a list of the reasons why you want to achieve this goal. That way, you can see the importance of it without making the goal terrifying.

#2  You need to feel like it, to do the things you planned to: remind yourself that you don't feel like doing a lot of things in your life, but you do them anyway. Examples are taking out the trash, eating vegetables, or cleaning, but you do them anyway. 

#3  You minimize the importance of today:  this comes up when you think things like" it won't matter" or "I'll start tomorrow." The little things are what teach you to show up when things are actually hard! If you don't do the little things, you sure as heck won't do the big things.

#4 Focus on your fears instead of your why: this is a sign to look at your thoughts instead of stewing over them.  Use a journal or download to write all of your worries down and ask yourself, worry by worry, “is this something in my control?”. Then take action with your fears instead of dropping out through worrying.

#5  You're constantly ‘what if -ing’ yourself to death:  You have two options here; flip the questions to “what if I succeed?  What if this works? “What if it's easier than I think?”  The second option is to tell your brain to shut up and take action.

#6  Obsessing over what you can't do or haven't done in the past:  The solution; use your impossible goal planner daily.  Get laser-focused on what to do next.  You don't build your future thinking about what didn't work in the past.  You build your future by thinking about what you are willing to do!

#7  Swearing you can’t when in reality you're just scared that it won't work: be honest, if you're afraid it won't work, that's normal. You know what to do next. Never tell yourself, I don't know. Say, "I'll figure it out ." Use your impossible goal assessments on what worked, what didn't, and what I will do differently.

#8  You lack energy:   Are you getting enough rest and drinking enough water?  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and move your body, do thought downloads and trust the protocol! 

Final Thoughts

Knowing why you’ve experienced setbacks in attaining your goals is HUGE and puts you back in the driver's seat of your mental and physical health!  

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