Lesson Learned....FINALLY!


Hi. I’m Tracy and I have a confession. It’s taken me 46.5 years to learn one of the most important lesson of my life.

It seems crazy but this lesson was the key to changing ALL of the results in EVERY area of my life, both personally and professionally.

Here’s what I learned – If I changed my thoughts I changed my results.

That’s it!

How’d I learn this?

A little over a year ago I had some big goals but I wasn’t making the kind of progress I wanted to make. I was virtually stuck at the starting block. I invested so much time and energy into planning HOW I would achieve a goal only to find myself exhausted before I even got out of the gate.

So what changed?

I learned how to think differently – sounds crazy but it made ALL the difference in the world.

YES! That is it. I think differently.

I figured out a process that I can use under any circumstance. I now choose the right thoughts that manifest feelings and actions necessary to get different results.

In 2018 I used this model to stop drinking and start living a healthier, more abundant life. I started the trek to generating multiple six figures in my coaching business and even more importantly I’ve taught other women how to use the model to transition out of jobs they don’t love, start businesses that are lucrative and fulfilling, and create lives that they are excited about living again.

Here’s what else I learned:

  • Consistency is critical. Just understanding the process of choosing new thoughts is not enough. I need to examine my thoughts every single day to determine whether they are working for me or against me.

  • The finish line is NOT the goal, enjoying the journey IS

  • I would have never learned these lessons had I not tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed. Failing was more important to my progress than action. If you’ve failed to achieve a goal – keep going, you ARE on track and with a little mind management your result will change!

  • Love comes in the forms of grace, acceptance, vulnerability, and consistency. This is the foundation of changing results.

I would love nothing more than to run alongside of you in 2019. My mission is to help every woman achieve her goals through utilizing a simple and successful process.

Give yourself this gift and I promise your accomplishments will BLOW YOUR WELL MANAGED MIND. Let’s get to work and change your life personally and professionally.

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