Hopeless to Happy Fast!

Weight Loss crash course self made coaching

That’s the name of the free crash course I’m offering this week in The Student Union (formerly known as The She Suite).


Let me tell you more about it.


Why did I name it Hopeless to Happy Fast? Well, that was my experience. 3 months ago I was 30 lbs heavier and felt a bit hopeless.


Was that a fast transformation? Yep! And who wouldn’t want to solve a problem fast and be motivated by the fast results to keep learning, keep applying, and keep losing? 


Why is it free? Because I spent 20 years on a lose weight/gain weight cycle and it wasn’t until I truly understood the 3 essential components that I made a dramatic shift AND I want every woman who has ever struggled with her weight to know THERE IS HOPE


 self made weight loss crash course stop overeating


Will you really be HAPPY after attending the crash course? If a new level of awareness relieves you of the shame you’ve been experiencing then YES, you will experience the first step towards a happier life. 


What do I mean by awareness? You will understand that being overweight is hormonally driven and that it’s actually very easy to get the main hormone, responsible for fat storage, balanced and get it balanced FAST


I’m a life coach that specializes in a few key areas. I coach women on challenges that I, personally have overcome, like how to stop overdrinking, how to stop overeating, and how to start a purpose driven business. 


I use a simple tool to show you how YOUR THINKING creates EVERY SINGLE result, EVERY SINGLE experience you are having and that you have a CHOICE


Hear me when I say; YOU HAVE A CHOICE


You can be hopeless or you can be happy and I can show you in 9 days what that looks like. 


Did I mention it’s free? 


Here’s how to join the Hopeless to Happy Crash Course:

  1. Join The Student Union, my free private fb group where I will go live for 9 days straight at 1pm CST. 
  2. Mark your calendar for Aug. 5 – Aug. 13 at 1pm CST.
  3. Download your free workbook to make learning, applying and losing even easier!
  4. Show up everyday starting Aug.5, for 9 days! It will probably be the most valuable 30 minutes of your day. All the calls are recorded and archived under unit 1 if you absolutely can not make it live (but don’t tell anyone). 🙂

I can not wait to see you, to share my story, what I learned, and help you become aware of how easy it is to go from hopeless to happy FAST!